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  • Tue

    Screening of The Fighter at the APHA Festival

    10:30 am - 4:00 pm

    During the APHA Global Public Health Film Festival, on 1st November, The Fighter, our award-winning documentary will be screened.

    Director. Dara Kell + Christopher Nice, 26 min.

    The Fighter’, produced by Fireworx Media, is a true-life illustration of the tragic consequences mega sporting events can have on children, but also explores the bravery of one girl against powerful opponents.

    The film tells the story of teenager Naomy, who dared to resist the powerful economic and political forces behind the 2016 Olympic Games.

    Naomy’s community of Vila Autodromo in Rio was set to be destroyed to make way for the Olympic Park.

    Some of her friends and family obeyed eviction orders and left. Others resistedthe authorities’ threats and bravely stayed, even when bulldozers had reduced most of the area to dusty rubble.

    Naomy, 12, from Vila Autodromo.

    Although Naomy’s community is being torn apart, her spirit of resistance remains strong.

    “They want us to feel afraid. I am not afraid. I was born here, raised here, and I will stay.”

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