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Children Win is a campaign led by Terre des Hommes, an international network of NGOs that develops projects to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children.

Terre des Hommes is a member of the Sport and Rights Alliance, a group of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), sports groups and trade unions who call on international sport organisations to take an ethical approach to their work.

We call on sport governing bodies to ensure human rights, children’s rights, labour standards, respect for the environment, transparency and accountability are at the heart of their decision-making.

Terre des Hommes is also chair of the Mega Sporting Events Child Focus Bidding Criteria Task Force, whose aim is to have both FIFA’s and the IOC’s bidding processes focus on human rights, addressing the risks and opportunities for children before, during and after Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup™ competitions.

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The team:

Secretary General

Ignacio ensures the coherence, the relevance and the effectiveness of the activities as well as the positioning of Terre des Hommes and Children Win campaign on the global level.


Marc manages and coordinates the campaign ‘Children Win’ – Changing the Game of Mega Sporting Events. He leads the international core team and ensures all operational tasks. He represents ‘Children Win’ internally and externally. In coordination with various partners, he drafts and implements M&E, networking and advocacy strategies.

Senior Research Coordinator

Dr Marianne manages and coordinates research and evidence-building around the Children Win campaign. In collaboration with various international partners, she screens, mandates and conducts research linked to Mega Sporting Events and human rights, with a special focus on children’s rights. She is experienced in change through, around and in sport. Moreover, she promotes the exchange among experts and academics, thus building on the existing body of knowledge. She shares results both internally and externally in support of the advocacy and networking strategy of the campaign and its goals.

Communication Coordinator

Elisa is in charge of developing, designing and producing communication strategy, tools and products for the Children Win Campaign.

Programme coordinator

Katharina coordinates and ensures the binding between the Children Win campaign and the activities that Terre des Hommes, in the light of the risks and opportunities of Mega Sporting Events for children, is implementing on the field through different projects.

Communication & Advocacy Officer

Fanny is in charge of providing support to the campaign, focusing on the area of communication and public event, as well as some specific projects about future Mega Sporting Events.

Administrative Officer

Isabelle is in charge of administration, finance, book keeping, correspondence, logistics and documenting internal governance, including minutes and management of databases.

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  • 31 chemin Franck Thomas CH-1223 Cologny/Geneva Switzerland
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