Support for the Vila Autódromo resistance movement

Terre des Hommes is among the organisations who signed the manifesto to support Vila Autodromo community in its resistance against violence and forced evictions.

Around 70 entities (listed on Vila Autodromo’s website) express their repudiation of all forms of violence perpetrated by the Prefecture of the City of Rio de Janeiro against communities in areas affected by projects related to the Rio 2016 Olympics.
The case of Vila Autódromo stands out since it is a Special Area of Social Interest and fully regularised (its residents received land tenure from the state government, granting their right to the land), which has suffered from the visible presence of the Municipal Guard, in deviation from its functions, intimidating and assaulting residents and arbitrarily isolating areas of the community, leaving them under siege. Residents who resist in Vila Autódromo, enforcing their housing rights and the right to the city, are suffering with water and power shortages, accumulated rubble and partially demolished houses, putting families in danger and risk of flooding due to shoddy drainage works.
The signatories of this manifesto condemn in the strongest terms the violent actions of the municipal government and the manner in which the Mayor Eduardo Paes has taken advantage of the media, stating that it will respect the rights of those who wish to stay in the community, when, in fact, they act with violence and refuse to open the dialogue to enable the promised urbanisation.

The families of Vila Autódromo request that violent actions, threats and degradation of the remaining area of the community are prompltly ceased. Vila Autódromo can be urbanised, in harmony with the Olympic Park, and it demands that the mayor puts forward the award-winning Popular Plan.

Visit Vila Autodromo’s website for more info

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