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A selection of articles published in the media on the issue of child protection before, during and after Mega Sporting Events

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Hope Remains for Rio Olympic Games – Herald GlobeThe games are taking place as Brazil struggles with a deep economic recession, rampant corruption and an embattled president facing a pending impeachment trial. Rio itself is…



Rio 2016 Evictions: The Victory That Went Against the OddsIt was supposed to be the end of a battle which has lasted at least seven years. Last Friday, July 23, was the day set aside for the 20 families who are…



Read the article written by Beth McLoughlin and Carla Kweifio-Okai : 


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What Has Violence Got to Do With the Olympic Games? | Beth McLoughlinDespite the problems they face, all the vulnerable children I spoke to at the Street Child Games were looking forward to the Olympic Games in Rio this year. The power of sport to inspire and transform lives is immense – how much better it would be if that was harnessed without any harm being committed at the same time.


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What price an Olympics that protects the rights of children and their families? | Andrea Florence | The Guardian With preparations for the Rio Olympics punctuated by clearance operations and evictions, the Olympic dream has turned sour for thousands of Brazilian children



Marianne MEIER | Francs JeuxDix-neuvième épisode: la Suissesse Marianne Meier, directrice de la campagne « Children Win » de l’organisation Terre des Hommes


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