Terre des Hommes aims to create strategic alliances for a larger capacity to sustainably influence the key actors of MSE.

Synergies and network are needed between governments, child protection and human right organisations, development agencies and allies within the competitive and corporate world of sport.


Terre des Hommes is part of the Sport and Rights Alliance, a group of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), sports groups and trade unions working together to call on international sport organizations to take an ethical approach within their work, i.e. to ensure that human rights, children’s rights, labour standards, respect for the environment, transparency and accountability are at the heart of decision-making in sport, notably with regard to Mega Sporting Events. Some members are taking part to the MSE Child Focus Bidding Criteria Task Force (see below) in order to have both FIFA and IOC bidding processes focus on human rights.

The following NGOs are part of the SRA: Amnesty International, FIFPro – World Players’ Union, Football Supporters Europe, Human Rights Watch, the International Trade Union Confederation, Supporters Direct Europe, Greenpeace and Transparency International Germany.


 Terre des Hommes is chair of the MSE Child Focus Bidding Criteria Task Force, this task force is supporting Children Win and is responsible for effective implementation and timely mobilization regarding the Child Rights bidding criteria pilot.

His main objective is to develop a pilot of Child Rights bidding criteria based on the existing frameworks used by key Mega Sporting Events organizers (such as the IOC and FIFA) for the environment, bidding criteria and standards used by other international event organizers, state and non state actors.  The achievement would be to have both FIFA and IOC bidding processes focus on human rights, addressing opportunities and risks for children before, during and after the events.

Among members are : Sport and Rights Alliance’s representatives, UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, local NGO and research institute from host country, Child Rights specialists and business and human rights specialists.


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