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    Evidence shows that Mega Sporting Events can directly cause or exacerbate risks for children in host cities as well as in relation to the organization of the event itself.

    To take action to reduce or remove these risks, this is our strategy:

    1. We document child rights violations occurring in connection to the organization of a Mega Sporting event.
    2. We urge all stakeholders connected to the organization of Mega Sporting events to ensure child rights are not violated before, during and after these events and that a positive legacy for children is left behind. For example: Adding specific child rights obligations to the 2024 Olympics Host City Contract is an immediate priority for us in the fall of 2016.
    3. We follow up on actions taken by stakeholders connected to Mega Sporting Events to address the issue of protecting children's rights while organizing the big events.

    Join our campaign, support our strategy. Tell organisers to stop, evictions, violence and exploitation caused by Mega Sporting Events.

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