Football fans looking forward to the FIFA World Cup in Russia can show their support for the Children Win campaign by buying a brilliant new sticker album.

The sixth sticker album from Swiss collective tschutti heftli has been released, showing all of your favourite players as works of art instead of photographs.

The teams are designed by illustrators, graphic designers, cartoonists, and fans themselves following a competition which was judged by a panel of sports stars, artists and celebrities including legendary USA defender Alexi Lalas and Nadezhda Tolokonni, the frontwoman for Russian band ‘Pussy Riot’, and Austrian comic artist Nicolas Mahler.

There are 520 stickers to collect, designed by artists from countries across the globe, including Colombia, Iran, the USA, and Russia, the host nation.

All proceeds from the non-profit project go to Terre des Hommes, the humanitarian organisation which campaigns for children’s rights in the context of Mega Sporting Events through its campaign Children Win.

Silvan Glanzmann, from tschutti heftli, explained: Our aim is to use the popularity, the passion and enthusiasm for football to raise awareness of some of the issues connected to it which are not very positive. Hopefully that will make some people, especially football fans, think about these topics and maybe that will have an impact – a little bit at least.”

Since the first edition in 2008, the tschutti heftli sticker album has become a well-known project around Europe and beyond – not only because it is the artistic answer to Panini, but also because of its support for Terre des Hommes.

Thanks to the co-operation of the British football magazine ‘Mundial’, the album will also be on sale in the UK for the first time.


Part of the album will be dedicated to the presentation of the Children Win campaign and to testimonies of children and youth about their experiences related to sport. In addition to that, part of the funds raised will go directly to Terre des Hommes to support projects.

Silvan added: “I’m happy that we can provide a platform for a project like Children Win, that indeed has an impact by addressing event organisers and other organisations involved, or informs the media about issues that shouldnt happen around a Mega Sporting Event.

“In the end, our aim is to demonstrate that it can be cool and fun to look at things with a critical eye and try to change things that aren’t good.

For press enquiries please contact Silvan Glanzmann, +41 78 610 18 15,

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