Yearly cost of the project :
€ 40.291/ Year

Fund raising request :
€ 40.291/ Year

Terre des Hommes Netherlands

Context: Due to poverty, Tarabuco is one of the municipalities with the highest percentage of migration. The rural communities of Tarabuco are suffering the effects of climate change on their living and their agricultural production. As a result their income diminishes and they are forced to migrate to the city in search for work. Amongst them are many children who end up working in exploitative situations such as domestic labour and in construction.

The Project: The project aims at the prevention of migration of children with the purpose of child labour in rural communities of Tarabuco, located in the Department of Chuquisaca in the Southeast of Bolivia through socio-economic support to families and awareness raising of children and their families about child labour. Therefore, this project aims to tackle:

  1. migration for child labour
  2. low income generation of families
  3. lack of information about child rights and the risks of child labour.


  • 120 boys and girls will stay out of gangs. They are supported in their personal development based on values of respect, cooperation and solidarity.
  • 20 youth from 16 to 20 years old will be formed as mediators to guide the gender mixed teams through matches and to promote Street Soccer in their communities.
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