Sao Paulo

Yearly Cost of the Project:
€ 75.000 /year

Financial Support Requested:
€ 50.000 / year

Terre des Hommes Germany

Context: Slums of Sao Paulo where young people have no access to education, health services and leisure activities. They are exposed to drug dealing and abuse, prostitution and violence.

The Project : Street football makes a difference in the lives of young people. The special methodology used promotes values like team work, solidarity and respect. Street football is always played in gender-mixed teams –learn to solve conflicts without violence and to develop their interpersonal and communication skills. Street soccer is played in public, overcomes gang fights and improves the live of the entire community.

The project will be implemented by the local non-profit organization Ação Educativa which promotes education, youth culture and social justice in the favelas of São Paulo. Together with Terre des Hommes Germany and the São Paulo municipality, Ação Educativa organised in July 2014 the Street Football World Cup with girls and boys from 20 countries worldwide.

Ação Educativa piloted street football in several favelas of São Paulo and met a great need and interest among young people. The project will expand and strengthen the Street Football Network in the slums of São Paulo in order change living conditions in these poor neighborhoods!


  • 500 girls and boys living in slums of São Paulo are empowered to perform and to promote street soccer in their own communities;
  • non-violent conflict resolution and peace is promoted in communities framed by poverty and violence;
  • the situation and needs of marginalized young people in São Paulo are brought to public attention
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