BurundiCost of the project:
€ 56.700/ Year

Fund raising request:
€ 56.700/Year

Terre des Hommes Lausanne

Context : Burundi is slowly coming out of decades of conflicts where youth were the first victims as they grew up in a civil war zone. Extreme poverty, unemployment and the normalization of violence have given them very few possibilities to pull through the crisis.

Our Project : Terre des hommes Lausanne’s project helps 110 youth offenders to gain competences that will allow them to respond to this difficult context through others means than violence. Through sport sessions including football games, workshops in artistic expression and theater classes, they acquire the basics they need for a life without violence: they learn to identify their emotions, manage their impulsiveness, develop their capacity for empathy and communicate with respect.

Results : As they participate to these activities, they understand that alternatives to violent behavior exist and they reinforce their well-being, confidence and self-control.  Armed with these new skills, young people that have benefited so far from the project now wish to teach their peers and communities to gain these competences.

Expected results :

  • Increase the use of football in the existing project as a tool to prevent violence
  • Support youth offenders and vulnerable children by organizing football tournaments based on the Football for peace (F4P) methodology, which provides through Football, opportunities for social contact across community boundaries, promote mutual understanding and engender in participants a desire for peaceful coexistence.
  • Give them trainings on several methodologies for the prevention of violence such as F4P or MGS Movement, Games & Sport , which teaches children through Sport and Football fair-play events to work on values such as cooperation vs competition, integration vs exclusion and respect vs aggressiveness.
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