Reporter Brasil published a report called “Mega­‐sporting events in Brazil: Human rights risk areas”. The report looks at the effects of the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic and Paralympic Games  on the host country, i.e. Brazil. It looks at the various resources Brazil had and has to commit for these events as well as the impacts on the host city populations. Besides the positive aspects such as rehabilitation of degraded urban areas and projects to boost tourism, the report highlights some of the bad aspects such as forced evictions and major concerns regarding workers’ rights. Among these concerns, some are related to child labour :

“Another example of the child labour situation in Brazil, which is likely to intensify during the MSEs, is in the sale of food and beverages (including alcohol) carried out by young people aged between 8 to 17 years old around the Fonte Nova Arena”

Sustainability in the supply chains, especially of the private sector, is another critical aspect of this games.

Looking at these factors, the authors put forward the idea that while the World Cup and the Olympics can offer many opportunities in various economic sectors, they also carry risks linked to human rights issues.

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