Sale price :  € 32  – Minimum to order on-line: 5 soccer balls

Terre des Hommes Suisse


The Ball : What is round, green and blue and which runs for the sustainable development? The soccer ball of Terre des Hommes Suisse ! A beautiful symbol for all the children who want to shoot united. Because if the soccer is universal, children rights are also!

The Project: thanks to the profits of the sale of this soccer ball, Terre des Hommes Suisse allows hundreds of children to reach the education and the leisure activities. For many children, to attend the school is already a dream: such a structure does not often exist in their village or their parents cannot pay registration fees and school equipment. But the education cannot be complete without moments of leisure activities to which every child is entitled. They allow to integrate the child.

The objective : That all the children play with this fair soccer ball so that the sport conveys completely the values of mutual aid, respect for the other one and for solidarity. Several communities and Geneva clubs already adhere to this initiative and placed order.

Sports associations, leisure centers, community centers of your municipality: so many opportunities and places where make the message of the solidarity pass. Be part of the party too!

The soccer ball in figures:

  • 20 % of the amount given to a local NGO to support the community
  • Size 4: 370-390 g, 64-65 cm circumference. Cover polyurethane glittering on 4 layers of polyester. Indeformable bladder in latex FSC. Sewn hand by adults in Pakistan.
  • Label Fair Trade and FSC: fair trade and environmental protection.
  • Raw material paid +15 % to the producers of latex in Sri Lanka. Work paid +20 % to the Pakistani workers.
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