What we want

Mega Sporting Events such as the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup™ often harm children in host cities and during the organisation itself.

Through its Children Win campaign, Terre des Hommes aims to raise awareness of these human and child rights violations and put pressure on sport governing bodies to ensure children’s rights are respected before, during and after these events.

Organisers have a responsibility to respect the rights of citizens – especially children – ensuring they will not face forced evictions, police violence and exploitation that are so often associated with Mega Sporting Events.

We want sport governing bodies to:

  • issue a public human rights commitment and policy;
  • have in place capacity to remedy human rights violations;
  • undertake human rights due diligence;
  • conduct human rights monitoring throughout, and;
  • enable external independent monitoring.

In order to prevent violations at future events, Terre des Hommes calls on organisers to include human rights, and specifically child rights:

  • as part of the decision for awarding any Mega Sporting Event; and
  • as an explicit obligation in contracts with the host city or country.

All these standards should not be based on goodwill, but should be non-negotiable and binding for all stakeholders.

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