Thomas Carter is an anthropologist and a professor at the University of Brighton. He continues to conduct research on the embodied power relations and politics as well as sport-related labor migration.

In this video, we asked him two questions related to child labour during Mega Sporting Events :

  1. The issues that we have seen during Brazil 2014 regarding child labour. Is this a new kind of problem or is this something you have seen in the past ?
  2. Are there situations of child labour which perhaps we don’t regard as child labour ?

Some publications of Thomas Carter :

  • The Politics and Experiences of Transnational Sport Migration
  • Game Changer: The Role of Sport in Revolution
  • The (Soft) Power of Sport: The Comprehensive and Contradictory Strategies of Cuba’s Sport-Based Internationalism
  • The Olympics as Sovereign Subject Maker
  • The Migration of Sporting Labour into Ireland

… You can find more here

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