Ana Paula Oliveira and Maria da Penha Macena.

Two Rio citizens affected by police violence and evictions will fly to Geneva, Switzerland this week to participate in the ‘Human rights legacy in sporting events’ debate during the 32nd Human Rights Council of the United Nations.

Ana Paula Oliveira and Maria da Penha will be present for the side event, which takes place at 1230 CET on Tuesday, June 28, organised by Terre des Hommes, Anistia Internacional Brasil, Nosso Jogo – Initiative für globales Fair Play and Verein Südwind Entwicklungspolitik.

The debate will focus on how policies adopted by leading sport bodies to ensure human rights – including children’s rights, labour standards and anti-corruption matters – have the potential to prevent and respond to the systemic risks posed by Mega Sporting Events, from the bidding phase to development, hosting and final reporting.

This event is linked to the new UN HRC Resolution ‘Promoting human rights through sport and the Olympic ideal’ (March 2016) and the decision to focus on the possibility of using sport, underlining the need for co-operation among stakeholders to promote human rights, development, peace, dialogue and reconciliation.


* Ana Paula Oliveira, Mother of a victim of police violence (c/o Amnesty International Brazil)

* Maria da Penha Macena, resident from Vila Autódromo who faced eviction (c/o Terre des Hommes International, Comitê Popular da Copa e Olimpíadas do Rio de Janeiro)

* Naomi Westland, Media Manager, Amnesty International UK (Partner of the ‘Sport and Rights Alliance’)

* Jamil Chade, Journalist and Author of the book ‘Bribes, politics and football’

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