Banner - Rio campaign - newfeb2016Less than one hundred days until the Olympic Games commence in Rio. With the focus of the world’s media shifting towards Brazil again, please help us highlight the human rights violations which have taken place in the build-up to the 2016 Olympics.


  1. Sign our petition to IOC president, Dr Thomas Bach

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The Olympic Charter promises to promote a “peaceful society” and the “preservation of human dignity” but, in truth, preparations for Rio 2016 have seen almost 7000 families removed or under the threat of eviction, police and army violence and huge public spending.

The Olympic Games should never harm the local population. Although the host city bears ultimate responsibility for human rights violations, governing bodies such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) must guarantee human rights as part of the bidding process.

It is time that the IOC lived up to its own values enshrined in the Olympic Charter.

In order to prevent future violations at future events, Terre des Hommes asks the IOC to include human rights as part of the decision for awarding any Games and as explicit obligations in Host City Contracts.

We do this because, despite the IOC’s reform program ‘Agenda 2020’ which includes human rights protections for the first time, no explicit requirement was subsequently included in the Host City Contracts for the 2024 Olympics.

Need more evidence?

Read the report ‘Mega-Events and Human Rights Violations in Rio de Janeiro produced by the Brazilian civil society ‘World Cup and Olympics Popular Committee of Rio de Janeiro’ in December 2015

“The violation of rights, especially those of the poorest population, did not start with Mega Sporting Events but, as demonstrated, became worse.”

Sign our petition to IOC president, Dr Thomas Bach

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