If, like us, you feel that Mega Sporting Events should never harm children, there’s a number of ways you can support our campaign.

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Share children’s stories

One of the best ways to raise awareness about the plight of children impacted by Mega Sporting Events is to speak to them and tell their stories.

Our award-winning film, The Fighter, tells the story of 12-year-old Naomy’s battle against forced eviction from her community of Vila Autodromo, next to Rio’s Olympic Park.


We also investigated the impact of the Rio Olympics in four different areas – forced evictions, police violence, juvenile incarceration and ‘street cleaning’, interviewing children and young people whose lives were affected. Watch and share them here.

Share our research

Our briefing released in September 2016, Breaking Records, exposed the devastating impact of the Olympic Games on thousands of children and young people in Rio. It documented human and child rights violations committed before, during and after the Games, and included statistics, interviews and video testimonies. Download it here.

Share the images

Award-winning Dutch photographer Pim Ras documented the lives of children in Rio living in the shadow of the Olympic stadia. View and share his exhibition, The Other Side of the Medal, here

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If you would like to support our actions, please send an email to info@childrenwin.org