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At the occasion of the opening ceremony of the first European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan, the winners of the #DrawAttention contest, supported by the Sport and Rights Alliance, are announced:

1st Police - Vicente Marques from Brazil


2nd Fairplay - Renato Moll from Brazil

    Bronze :


Public Choice Award:

Public Choice - Loktyev Oleg

More than 100 artworks from 44 different countries in all continents were submitted. The drawings send out a strong message to sports organizations and governments to act in order to prevent violations of human rights, including child rights, happening around Mega Sporting Events.

The inaugural European Games in Baku are regulated by the European Olympic Committee, which has the responsibility for the assignment of the bid and implementation of the Olympic Charter. This could have been a chance to improve Azerbaijan’s human rights record. Yet, the lack of engagement of the European Olympic Committee to stand up for human dignity and freedom of press has allowed the government to repress any kind of critical voice.

The effects on children are sometimes indirect, when their close environment is endangered, their lives are affected. The detention of parents makes children particularly vulnerable. Further, as reported by Amnesty International, NIDA members have been beaten and tortured in order to extract false confessions, including the 17-year-old activist, Shahin Novruzlu, who lost four of his front teeth during interrogation.

Terre des Hommes asks the European Olympic Committee to act and take the interests of all children into consideration by urging Azerbaijani government to release the unjustly imprisoned journalists and activists.

Find all the other Artworks in this Album :

Go to to see who are the winners.

Posted by Children Win on vendredi 17 avril 2015


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