Burkina Faso

Yearly / monthly cost of the project:
€ 190.000/ Year

Fund raising request:
€ 32.545/ Year

Terre des Hommes Italy 

Context : Most children in conflict with the law have committed petty crimes or other  minor offences. They have often been used or coerced by adults, they are frequently victims of abuse and neglect, suffering  from indifferent and inadequate parenting as well as economic hardships. Some are street children, homeless and without any chance to attend school or vocational training.

The Project : The project aims is the reintegration of children in conflict with the law in Burkina Faso. The project promotes rehabilitation that involves families and communities as a safer, more appropriate and effective approach than punitive measures. In Burkina Faso children are often convicted in normal prisons. Aside this they have to rely on a poor legal assistance. The project is willing to help the judiciary system in providing temporary residential care to them, vocational training, medical assistance, psychological assistance, and building up a sound legal system. Aside the center Terre des Hommes Italy has activated different contacts with other NGOs and international institutions in order to reduce at minimal level the detention period as well as to provide a clear picture about their families in sought  of family reunification or other residential alternatives in host families.

Results :

  • As a result of the actions of the project at the end of 2013,  20% of adolescents stayed in Tarabuco, who would have otherwise migrated.
  • Direct beneficiaries: 770 children victims or in risk of child labour exploitation; 60 teachers; 200 families and 14 officials.
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