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FIFA: Fan survey shows marginal increase in trust

A global survey of football fans has shown that trust in FIFA has marginally improved under new President Gianni Infantino – but that world football’s governing body still faces a huge task to transform its tarnished reputation. Transparency International and…

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Major steps taken… but next comes accountability

Mega Sporting Event organisers have taken major steps forward recently in addressing concerns over human rights, but “implementation and accountability” will be the next hurdles. That was the clear message from Terre des Hommes General Secretary Ignacio Packer at the Peace…

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FIFA pledges to discuss human rights at future World Cups

Terre des Hommes welcomes FIFA’s new mission statement which includes an explicit pledge to discuss the preservation of human rights at future World Cups. In the document, FIFA 2.0: The Vision for the Future, new president Gianni Infantino promises to bring all…

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Experts warn of dire Olympic legacy for Rio’s children

Two experts have issued urgent warnings about the impact of the Olympic Games on Rio’s most vulnerable children. Researchers Dr Andrea Rodriguez and Professor Lorraine van Blerk recently published this report which found that the FIFA World Cup in 2014…

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IOC in talks over human rights recommendations

The International Olympic Committee are in discussions with a coalition of leading sport and human rights groups about how the human rights abuses perpetrated in the build-up to the Rio Olympics can be prevented in future. Earlier this summer the…

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Rio 2016: ‘The other side of the medal’

Rio de Janeiro has been preparing itself for the eyes of the world ahead of next month’s Olympic Games by cleansing its streets of undesirables and demolishing entire neighbourhoods. In this wave of unease and uncertainty for Rio’s citizens, children…

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