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Child exploitation awareness campaign calls for concrete action around Mega Sporting Events

Child rights must become a central component of future event planning, according to the Chief Executive of a global campaign which uses Mega Sporting Events to raise awareness of child abuse and exploitation.   The ‘It’s a Penalty’ campaign was…

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Our message is getting through!

Children Win’s quest to change the way Mega Sporting Events (MSE) are organised in the future by highlighting their current damaging impact on children is working, according to a new study. Researchers at the Deutsche Sporthochschule (German Sport University) in…

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‘The Fighter’ – Naomy’s story released for the first time

Terre des Hommes’ award-winning documentary ‘The Fighter’ has been released online for the first time. The film tells the story of teenager Naomy, who dared to resist the powerful economic and political forces behind the 2016 Olympic Games. Naomy’s community of…

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Reporting on children safely at Rio 2016

The Olympics will soon be upon us and the eyes of the world will focus on Rio. Tales of sporting heroism are about to unfold. But just a short distance from the arenas, Rio’s children face the increased risks of…

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Rio 2016: ‘The other side of the medal’

Rio de Janeiro has been preparing itself for the eyes of the world ahead of next month’s Olympic Games by cleansing its streets of undesirables and demolishing entire neighbourhoods. In this wave of unease and uncertainty for Rio’s citizens, children…

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Postcard to the IOC : The Fighter

This postcard is coming from the documentary “The Fighter”. This documentary tells the story of Naomy, 12-years old girl living in Vila Autodromo (Rio), a community facing forced evictions in preparation of the Rio Olympic Games 2016. She has an important message…

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