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Taking ‘collective action’ on human rights and MSE – Interview with IHRB CEO John Morrison (Part 2)

Terre des Hommes will attend the ‘Sporting Chance Forum’ in Geneva this week, when around 150 representatives from governments, sports governing bodies, UN agencies, NGOs and trade unions, sponsors and broadcasters will gather to focus on the issue of human…

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Children Win Head of Campaign speaks at Host City 2017

Host cities will play a crucial role in determining whether human rights due diligence around Mega Sporting Events becomes a reality in the future. When considering the progress made over the last year by sports governing bodies in this field,…

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Taking ‘collective action’ on human rights and Mega Sporting Events – interview with IHRB Chief Executive John Morrison

The importance of ‘collective action’ in protecting and respecting human rights around Mega Sporting Events is the focus for the ‘Sporting Chance Forum’, which Terre des Hommes will attend in Geneva next week. Around 150 representatives from governments, sports governing…

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Terre des Hommes acknowledges ‘promising developments’ by FIFA on human rights

Terre des Hommes has given a cautious welcome to a series of important announcements and decisions relating to world football’s governing body, FIFA, and its responsibilities in the field of human rights and labour standards. All publicised over the last…

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FIFA’s Human Rights Advisory Board releases update statement

FIFA’s Human Rights Advisory Board has issued a formal statement related to its second meeting held in Zurich on October 9 and 10, 2017. Launched by world football’s governing body in March 2017, the board has been established following the recommendations…

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Terre des Hommes contributes to human rights discussion at Soccerex

Terre des Hommes joined Unicef and UEFA for a panel debate which focused on how child rights violations must be prevented at Mega Sporting Events, such as the World Cup or Olympics. The debate, which took place during the 2017…

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