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Children Win

Independent centre for sport and human rights to be created

Terre des Hommes is supporting the launch next year of a new independent centre aimed at preventing human rights violations in and around sport in the future. Announced at the Sporting Chance Forum in Geneva this week, plans for the…

30/11/2017 /

Prevention of Youth Violence in Burundi

Cost of the project: € 56.700/ Year Fund raising request: € 56.700/Year Terre des Hommes Lausanne Context : Burundi is slowly coming out of decades of conflicts where youth were the first victims as they grew up in a civil war…

26/11/2014 /

A United Soccer Ball in Your Municipality in Switzerland

Sale price :  € 32  – Minimum to order on-line: 5 soccer balls Terre des Hommes Suisse   The Ball : What is round, green and blue and which runs for the sustainable development? The soccer ball of Terre des Hommes Suisse…

26/11/2014 /

Children in Conflict with the Law: Let them play in Burkina Faso

Yearly / monthly cost of the project: € 190.000/ Year Fund raising request: € 32.545/ Year Terre des Hommes Italy  Context : Most children in conflict with the law have committed petty crimes or other  minor offences. They have often been…

26/11/2014 /

São Paulo Street Football Network in Brazil

Yearly Cost of the Project: € 75.000 /year Financial Support Requested: € 50.000 / year Terre des Hommes Germany Context: Slums of Sao Paulo where young people have no access to education, health services and leisure activities. They are exposed…

26/11/2014 /

Stop Child Labour in Tarabuco in Bolivia

Yearly cost of the project : € 40.291/ Year Fund raising request : € 40.291/ Year Terre des Hommes Netherlands Context: Due to poverty, Tarabuco is one of the municipalities with the highest percentage of migration. The rural communities of Tarabuco…

21/11/2014 /

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