To document the positive and negative effects that Mega Sporting Events have on children, we call for seven ‘bridging papers’ of 3-5 pages each outlining how children’s rights connect to other sectors in the context of Mega Sporting Events (MSEs).

The identified sectors :

1) labour
3) women
4) environment
5) corruption
6) housing
7) security sectors

Additionally, we request an overall introduction and conclusion to specify the topics and identify potential interactions/synergies to ‘embed’ the ‘bridging papers’ which should also function as ‘stand-alone’ papers (modular system).

Individuals, institutes or organizations applying are expected to examine how and which violations of children’s rights take place before, during and after MSEs and investigate which ones have been raised by various sectors.


Applications must be submitted electronically and in English to Dr. Marianne Meier, Head of ‘Children Win’ Project: marianne.meier[at]

Proposals should NOT exceed two narrative pages (without annex) and must include:
• Context and objective
• Description of approach and methodology
• Potential cooperation partners
Annex 1: Budget
Annex 2: Short CV of applicant(s)


The deadline for proposals is February 25th, 2015.

The selection process will be closed by mid-March 2015. Selected applicants will be invited to submit a detailed application.

– Duration: The research should begin . The full document (7 bridging papers with overall introduction and conclusion) must be delivered AT THE LATEST on July 31st, 2015.

For all the details : download the CALL FOR PROPOSALS

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