Jules Woolf

“(…) I didn’t realize that efforts were underway to use sport to assist children who are homeless. Sport can be such a powerful tool for development and yet we often assume sport only has positive impacts on society. As an educator of future sport managers I want to ensure that my students are aware of the ethical issues surrounding mega-events, such that everyone can enjoy sport, whether they are participants or spectators, and that vulnerable members of society are not marginalized just so that the games can go on.” 

Jules Woolf, an assistant professor at the Department of Sports Administration, Ohio University.

In August, we organized a contest to win this alternative Stickers album of the 2014 World Cup™. The contest was based on a simple question “Which statement surprised you the most ?”.

CW_contest answers

Among the different statements, Jules choose “More than 230 street children from 19 countries came to Rio de Janeiro for the Street Child World Cup.”



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