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Children Win

Reporting on children safely at Rio 2016

The Olympics will soon be upon us and the eyes of the world will focus on Rio. Tales of sporting heroism are about to unfold. But just a short distance from the arenas, Rio’s children face the increased risks of…

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Children’s rights and Rio 2016 – we take the fight to Brussels

  “You hear that the Olympic Games are coming to town; something which should make you happy. Instead it destroys your home – and with it, your childhood.” The stories of Rio’s children were laid bare in front of members…

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Rio 2016: the exclusion games

Rio protests against “The Exclusion Games”

With 30 days to go until the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, some might expect the mood to be one of excitement. But hundreds of people took to the city centre on Tuesday to protest against what they see as…

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Rio 2016: ‘The other side of the medal’

Rio de Janeiro has been preparing itself for the eyes of the world ahead of next month’s Olympic Games by cleansing its streets of undesirables and demolishing entire neighbourhoods. In this wave of unease and uncertainty for Rio’s citizens, children…

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