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Manifesto: Violence and Housing Rights in the Rio Olympics

Support for the Vila Autódromo resistance movement Terre des Hommes is among the organisations who signed the manifesto to support Vila Autodromo community in its resistance against violence and forced evictions. Around 70 entities (listed on Vila Autodromo’s website) express their repudiation…

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Human rights entering the FIFA Statutes

While all the attention is on the change of presidency at the head of FIFA, it is the set of reforms of the Statutes that give the framework of the urgently needed changes. The decisions adopted by the FIFA Extraordinary…

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Research: The Other Side of the Medal

The research ‘The Other Side of the Medal: Major sporting events in Brazil in the web of urban planning, speculation and the right to the city” was conducted by Dawid Danilo Bartelt and published by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Foundation. The author analyzes in detail the impact of the…

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FIFA: none of the candidates pledges adequate steps to prevent human rights abuse

FIFA: NOT ONE CANDIDATE PLEDGES ADEQUATE STEPS TO PREVENT HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE AND CORRUPTION “Let’s be clear. There is no time to waste in taking action to prevent human rights abuses linked to the World Cups in Russia in 2018…

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Fußball und Menschenrechte: Wie politisch ist der Sport?

Fußball und Menschenrechte: Wie politisch ist der Sport? – Nürnberg – nordbayern.deNÜRNBERG – Fußball und Menschenrechte – wie geht das zusammen? Dieser Frage widmet sich ein zweitägiger Kongress mit 100 Teilnehmern, den die Deutsche Akademie für Fußball-Kultur…

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