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Postcard to the IOC : The Fighter

This postcard is coming from the documentary “The Fighter”. This documentary tells the story of Naomy, 12-years old girl living in Vila Autodromo (Rio), a community facing forced evictions in preparation of the Rio Olympic Games 2016. She has an important message…

29/01/2016 /

FIFA candidates should pledge to end human rights abuses linked to World Cup

Rights groups urge contenders to address labour abuses and discrimination The candidates seeking the presidency of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) should sign up to a set of pledges to prevent human rights abuses and corruption linked to…

25/01/2016 / , ,

200 days to the Olympics: Vila Autodromo residents trapped inside the Olympic Park

The community fighting forced evictions linked to Olympic-related works Monday 18th January 2016- In the latest battle for Vila Autodromo residents fighting forced evictions, three families have found themselves trapped inside the Olympic Park. They must show a pass at the main security…

20/01/2016 / ,

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