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Interview with the writer Juliana Barbassa

Juliana Barbassa is a native Brazilian who lived a nomadic life in various locations around the world, from Malta to Libya, Spain and France, before settling in the United States. She became Associated Press correspondent for Brazil in 2010, a…

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IOC attacked by human rights groups over Olympics host city contract

IOC attacked by human rights groups over Olympics host city contract | Sport | The Guardian coalition of human rights organisations has criticised the IOC for not living up to the expectations of its Agenda 2020 reform programme

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Olympia-Vertrag „Das Wort Menschenrechte kommt nicht vor“

Olympia-Vertrag: „Das Wort Menschenrechte kommt nicht vor“ – Sport – FAZ kritisieren das IOC für den „Host City Vertrag“ für künftige Olympia-Gastgeber. Die darin enthaltenen Verpflichtungen seien unzureichend, nachlässig und erstaunlich lückenhaft.

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Berlin, 24 September 2015 – “It is essential that the IOC wakes up to the human rights impact of its events – and lives up to the expectations created around Agenda 2020” – Eduard Nazarski The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has…

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Campaign Leaflet

Download the leaflet in English Download the leaflet in French This leaflet presents the campaign and highlights the risks and opportunities for children linked to Mega Sporting Events. By reading it, you will discover some children views and opinions on Mega Sporting…

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