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China: 2022 Olympics, a test for Human Rights

Terre des Hommes Calls on Olympic Officials to Ensure Protections Berlin, July 31, 2015 –The International Olympic Committee (IOC) should ensure that the 2022 Winter Olympics do not cause or exacerbate human rights abuses in China, the Sport and Rights Alliance…

31/07/2015 / ,

Felipe lost his home for a World Cup car park

Felipe will be 16 this Friday. It’s been more than a year since the World Cup finished, and more than a year since he lost his home for a World Cup car park which was never built. Now the city…

24/07/2015 / ,

Mega Sporting Events in Brazil: Human rights risk areas

Reporter Brasil published a report called “Mega­‐sporting events in Brazil: Human rights risk areas”. The report looks at the effects of the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic and Paralympic Games  on the host country, i.e. Brazil. It looks at the various resources Brazil had and has to commit for these events as well as the impacts on…

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