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Children Win

Be a Hero !

The series of illustrations  “Be a Hero ! “ represent business heroes capable to prevent children from the risks that can appear before, during and after Mega Sporting Events. These illustrations are part of the Sticker album created for the Soccerex 2014 Global Convention and…

24/09/2014 /

And the winner of the contest is…

  Thanks to all the participants of our Sticker Album contest that took place in September: you helped us to spread our messages and to give voice to children. To protect children before, during and after Mega Sporting Events, share…

23/09/2014 /

Homeless families ‘moved on during World Cup™’

Homeless people were removed from tourist zones, their belongings taken, and some were forced into overcrowded shelters during World Cup in host cities across Brazil, it has been claimed. A number of official complaints have been lodged across the country, with…

22/09/2014 / ,

Fifa World Cup ‘hits the poorest hardest’

BBC News – Fifa World Cup ‘hits the poorest hardest’A leading international charity is calling for major sports governing bodies Fifa and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to change their way of doing business around their…

18/09/2014 /

The Bullet trailer: Police violence during the World Cup™ 2014

“People say that the army will leave after the World Cup. I hope they leave, because they do very bad things to the people who live here” Gabriel, Brazil, 13 years old Share his voice: #ChildrenWin Stay tuned to learn about…

10/09/2014 / ,

The Artist – They spent billions for stadiums and forgot about us

Diversion of funds explained by Jessica, 8 years old: “I heard they spent millions building those football stadiums and they forgot that we are living like this…my house is falling apart”

08/09/2014 / ,

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