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Children Win

Brazil’s legacy for children after World Cup™ 2014

Before all eyes turn to the Rio Olympics for 2016, what legacy has this year’s World Cup™ left in Brazil? FIFA was criticised for the profits it made in 2014, estimated to eventually be nearly two billion Euros, especially as…

28/08/2014 / ,

Illustrate the effects of Mega Sporting Events

Terre des Hommes decided to illustrate the effects of Mega Sporting Events on children by the production of several artistic productions. This is the first production – by Florence Weiser – illustrating the forced evictions and displacements that may occur before,…

06/08/2014 /

Favela, the war zone

Will the Olympics mean more evictions for Rio’s families?

In the detritus at the edge of the Manguinhos favela, children clamber in rubble to play and throw rocks into giant pools of sewage water. Many have fallen repeatedly in the rubble, and complain of stomach aches and coughs. “I…

01/08/2014 / ,

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